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A List of Current Courses

List of Courses

The list of courses include publicly-scheduled and those workshops that can be delivered (even customised) for your organisation alone, in your choice of location.

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Open, Publicly-Scheduled Courses

Open, publicly-scheduled courses, are courses where your staff can learn in the company of people from other businesses.  Attend open courses when it’s difficult to gather sufficient participants from your organisation to make it cost effective, or when it’s not possible to pull all of your team together to attend at the same time.

Open courses are often the best solution when individual change is required.  So, someone needs to manage his/her time better.  Someone needs to communicate better, perhaps in difficult circumstances.  Someone needs to change from one role – say a team member – to a leadership role.

In-Company Tailored Training

Many businesses find it beneficial to base their training more specifically on their processes and business environment.  This is why we offer tailored In-Company training.

We are able to customise topics from our catalogue of 80 courses or write courseware entirely tailored to your organisation.  To make the training as relevant and memorable as possible we firstly select appropriate topics from our range of courseware, and then customise the material with discussions and case studies that come from within your business.

With your help we develop examples and role plays to bring home the material in a fashion that will help your staff translate the learning from the classroom to their workplace.

Conference Training & Facilitation

Our customers often run national conferences and strategic planning sessions.  How do they ensure they get the most out of bringing their team together?  By involving a Pollak Training Consultant.

Conference Training—Conferences are an excellent opportunity to train your team.  Depending on the theme of the conference, and the goals for your business in the coming year, Pollak Consulting & Training can design a course to suit you needs.