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The Pricing of our Courses

Publicly Attended Courses

Open training courses are priced between $530 to $830 per course day.

  • An Open course is one where people attend with participants from other companies
  • Volume discounts are available.  Even 2 people on the same course can provide a saving!

For Your Company Alone

When you want to have a course run for your business alone, the cost per person drops dramatically – after you have 6-8 people on the same course.


When you look at our site you will see a huge range of courses.  We do change the material and we can bring in topics from a range of courses. A course is best customised after the trainer has spent time on the client site, talking with Management and participants.

Customisation costs are quoted up front. They are conducted on an hourly basis between $195 per hour and $350 per hour, depending on the duration (longer is less expensive), location and experience of the consultant.


The number of sessions and their timing is generally set at the first session. However, we advise that there would be 3 sessions. The initial timing would be fortnightly. This would then change, with the agreement of the person being coached. Each session costs $350, with a 3-session service purchase being $900.

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