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A personalised coaching service provided by Ron Pollak

What we will do for you:

  • Produce a personalised DISC report for you, and email it to you.
  • Conduct a phone or Skype session with you, stepping you through the report, providing explanations and personalised insights.
  • Help you design a plan, based on your strengths, to be more effective at work.
  • Help you understand how you can be affected by those areas which aren’t your strengths.
  • Provide you with an action plan to work on three areas for development.
  • Review your progress by email to provide the support you need.

You can book a personalised coaching session in your choice of one of four roles.

Personal Development Salesperson Manager 360 Leadership Survey
Personal Self-awareness Relationship Selling Teamwork Leadership Self-awareness
 $295  $345  $345  $595

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What You Do

  • Select the role you want.
  • Click on the Pay Now button – it’s below.
  • The payment module will ask you to advise which role you have chosen – in the description field.
  • Enter the amount and follow the prompts with your credit card details.

What Happens Then

  • Within 12 hours (usually within 30 minutes) you will receive an email.
  • It will have the heading “Your Personalised DISC Profile”.
  • In this email, there is a link to your DISC Style survey.
  • Complete the Survey.
  • Generally, they take between 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete.

Your Personalised Coaching Session

  • Within 24 hours you will receive an email, with the heading ‘Your Consulting Session’.
  • This helps us find the most mutually convenient time for your consulting session.


If you are unsure about the right role for you, and if you have any questions, please email Ron Pollak.
or Andrew Pollak.  You can also call Ron – (02) 9099 0543 or Andrew (03) 9860 4111.

Costs include

  • Help DiSC Profile; Online survey and 24 page report
  • Phone or Skype Session with Ron Pollak, Andrew Pollak, and other of our experienced and accredited consultants.
  • Three months support – by email.

Ron Pollak, DISC Coach

Your Coach 

First, a little about Ron Pollak – so that you can judge whether his experience and expertise is relevant for you, and your business.

Ron Pollak is an experienced consultant, with a background in accounting – M.Comm (UNSW).  He worked as a chartered accountant, covering a range of roles at Deloittes (1973-83), working with a range of companies, including a stretch in New York. Ron left Deloittes to start his own consultancy in 1983. This consultancy grew to be the leading computer training company in Australia, Pollak Partners.  Ron sold this company in 2000 to move into his passion, management and sales training.  (The Pollak brand for high quality and results oriented training lived on past 2000, with the organisation only relatively recently dropping the Pollak name.)

Ron has run a number of businesses, including software development, training and consulting (1983-2015). Each of these businesses involved selling services through sales teams.  He has exposure to complex sales processes, including winning from IBM a project worth more than $1 million, to develop training material for all systems at the Sydney Olympic Games. Since 2000  Ron has been developing training programs and delivering leadership and sales training, as well as – more recently – providing a coaching and mentoring service.