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Sales Culture – There’s no such thing as a simple solution for a complex problem

No-one needs a crystal ball to know that the role of salesperson is becoming increasingly difficult.  The challenges come from a range of sources, including those from technology, globalisation, competition and government intervention (all bringing major shifts in business approach).  At the same time salespeople are faced with a more-informed, better-educated purchaser, a trend that is particularly noticeable through all levels of an organisation.

Those organisations that do more than merely survive have some factors in common.  But perhaps the factors that are most noticeable relate to their salespeople. Salespeople in successful businesses

  • have a clear understanding of what they need to do to achieve success
  • are confident and self-motivated to achieve their goals
  • believe in their company, their management, their product and services, and importantly themselves.

While you could be saying, “Believing in their organisation! That’s a Big Statement”.

The Big Question for Management that goes with this Big Statement is – “How do we create an environment where our salespeople ‘believe’ so strongly in our business, that they can authentically sell our company, our products and services and themselves?”

Yet, sales culture is a complex ‘animal’, and salespeople cannot be positive – and believe whole-heartedly in their company – if the dynamics of the organisation – due to internal issues – do not allow it.

In the last 10 years I have worked with the best organisations, leaders in their markets, renowned for their quality, and revered for their management practices.  Yet I have found few of them able to avoid internal issues, that stymie a positive organisation culture. But, internal issues are inevitable.  Like your kids fighting.  It happens.