We live in ‘interesting times’.

No-one has ever lived through a period like the one we’re going through.  For many in Management today, the news is not positive.  But, you need to go on.  While you may feel that there is little you can do, that’s not true.  But you need help.  And maybe the best person to speak to is an experienced coach.  Speaking to an independent coach is even better.  Why not give me a confidential call?  0407200617 or an email me

A personalised coaching service provided by Ron Pollak

A little about Ron Pollak – so that you can judge whether his experience and expertise is relevant for you, and your business.  Ron Pollak is an experienced consultant, with a background in accounting – M.Comm (UNSW).  He worked as a chartered accountant, covering a range of roles at Deloittes (1973-83), working with a range of companies, including a stretch in New York. Ron left Deloittes to start his own consultancy in 1983. This consultancy grew to be the leading computer training company in Australia, Pollak Partners.  Ron sold this company in 2000 to move into his passion, management and sales training.  (The Pollak brand for high quality and results oriented training lived on past 2000, with the organisation only relatively recently dropping the Pollak name.)

Ron has run a number of businesses, including software development, training and consulting (1983-2015). Each of these businesses involved selling services through sales teams.  He has exposure to complex sales processes, including winning from IBM a project worth more than $1 million, to develop training material for all systems at the Sydney Olympic Games. Since 2000  Ron has been developing training programs and delivering leadership and sales training, as well as – more recently – providing a coaching and mentoring service.

The Bottom Line

Simon Sinek – look him up, one of the best TED Talks ever – says we need to find our WHY.  Why do I coach?  I do so because I get a real kick out of coaching; a sense of achievement, a feeling that I can really help individuals, as I have the knowledge, the learning materials to share that knowledge and the business, management and sales experience to really see people change.