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Sales Recruitment Specialists

Most Managers at some point in their career have been ‘trapped’ in an interview with a candidate where after 5 minutes it’s become obvious that the candidate isn’t the right fit for the business/vacancy and wasted their time continuing with an hour-long interview.

Pollak Consulting & Training is proud to introduce to Australian Managers a video-based screening program.  It gives you the opportunity to design relevant & personalised questions to the candidates that present well on paper, before you go through the important exercise of interviewing them face to face.  And, you can also assess how your future salesperson presents and reacts to questions on the spot, knowing that you can put them in front of some of your most important (potential) customers.

Making Recruitment Personal Again

 Recruitment – in the Australian market – has become too reliant on a piece of paper.  That is, how the candidate presents on paper (their resume), their tertiary qualification and psychometric testing results.  But, it does not always provide enough of an accurate insight into your new acquisition.

Employing a salesperson into your business is a big decision.  If it doesn’t work out, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars has been lost – in salary, on-boarding/induction, time on the road, training, missed sales opportunities, as well as the time and energy that people in the business have also invested.

Proven Benefits & Results of Video Recorded Screening

Improved Quality of Hire

  • 13% More Top Performers
  • 17% Fewer Poor Performers
  • 29% Less Turnover

 Increased Speed & Productivity

  • 75% Higher Recruiter Productivity
  • 25% Less Total Time to Fill
  • 24% Less Overall Cost per Hire

Stronger Engagement & Satisfaction

  • 37% More Candidates
  • 100% Higher Manager Satisfaction
  • 96% Candidate Satisfaction

DiSC Behavioural Profiling

In selecting people you need to understand how the new recruit will fit into the team.  Will he/she add balance to the group?  Will he/she fit in?  Is the role one that requires certain behaviours such as thoroughness and accuracy? Or, does it require fast thinking?  Is it a role where the person needs to work alone on detailed tasks? Or, is it one that requires discussions and a great deal of interpersonal interaction?


Andrew Pollak has specialised in this role.  Email him on andrew@ronpollak.com.au