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Avoiding the Painful

The candidate you want, the job you want.

Most Managers at some point in their career have been ‘trapped’ in an interview with a candidate where, after 5 minutes (maybe even less time), it’s obvious that the candidate isn’t the right fit for the business/vacancy and they will be wasting their time continuing with an hour-long interview.

And just the same, job seekers go to appointments which, within the first 5 minutes, it’s obvious to both parties that there’s not the opportunity nor the connection that they need to want to join that business, as good as it looks when you have Googled the company.

Pollak Consulting & Training is proud to introduce a video-based screening program that avoids the pain.

Currently, we focus this on the needs of the employer, allowing them to design relevant & personalised questions for the candidate which are answered in a private, video screening for the employer.  And it helps the candidate too, as the questions that the employer asks provide added insight into the job and to the manager who is recruiting.

We believe the way we deliver this service makes our business offering unique.


Andrew Pollak is a specialist in Sales Recruitment, having first worked in Sales Recruitment in 1999.  If you’re interested in recruiting the best Sales candidates or being recruited for the best Sales Team contact Andrew on

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