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Talent Acquisition

A story by Andrew Pollak

Andrew, Sales Recruitment Specialist

In 1999, I applied for a ‘sales rep’ job managed by a sales recruitment agency.  I was brought in for an interview only to be offered a job with that recruitment agency. It became apparent during my induction phase that there was no real sales rep role,  as they had advertised.  While this agency taught me a lot about sales, for which I am eternally grateful, ultimately in hindsight I didn’t learn a lot about being a true Recruitment Consultant. There was no focus on building client relationships, nor understanding the customers’ business in any great detail.

As a social experiment earlier this year, I wanted to test the market again, to see what’s changed. I was stunned at how little recruitment consultants still under-appreciated sales skills and knowledge;  quite simply, if I didn’t have direct industry experience and a relevant qualification, I didn’t even receive a phone call! This comes after hearing from Sales Managers, for years and years, that they need salespeople who have the right attitude before anything else.

From my own experience over the past 12 years working with sales teams – and we’ve seen thousands of salespeople walk through our classrooms –  the most successful are ones that, first and foremost, have a personality match to their company’s culture. Whether or not their experience or qualification directly matches a job advertisement.

Pollak Sales Solutions can help you find the best people for your business.

  • We’re not recruitment consultants.
  • We’re business sales consultants.

It’s our intention to go beyond the resume.  After gaining a deep insight into the culture of your business and the necessary personality of the individual you’re looking for, we’ll conduct a thorough search to find the person that best matches the role, looking above and beyond their industry background.

Linking Recruitment & Training

Pollak Sales Solutions’ concept of recruiting sales people not only came from the above story but also a desire to provide a stronger return from your training investment.

Throughout the interview process we’ll learn a lot about each potential employee, while the psychometric testing process will also confirm the salesperson’s strengths and areas for development.  Once we’ve identified the right candidate for your business, we’ll map-out a personalised training and development plan for the candidate, highlighting to the incoming salesperson that they’re joining a high performance culture and being invested in from day one.

If you’re looking to add sales talent to your business, where you can be confident that the salespeople joining will be long term and successful employees, call Pollak Sales Solutions today.