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Micro-Training Sessions – Macro-Results

Micro-training sessions are 1½ hour bites, delivered 1:1 in a coaching format. Topics are flexible, and a curriculum can be designed and redesigned as the micro-training sessions progress.

The first session sets goals and follows a ‘behavioural style survey’. This survey helps make people more aware of the way they work, manage, sell and generally communicate. (Different surveys are used for different roles.)

The following sessions may be on a huge range of topics. Topics are selected based on the experience and expertise of the person as well as those skills required for the role the individual plays in the organisation. So, topics can come from management, leadership, sales, customer service, communication, and so on.  Click here for a full list.

How Affordable?

The best situation is to organise a full day of training sessions. But single sessions are also available. It’s a matter of making your investment go further. Options are shown in the following table.

 Single Session 12 Month 6 Month
Single Session $385 $4,620 $2,540
Two Sessions in a day $700 $8,400 $4,620
One day of Sessions $2,950 $35,400 $19,470

Addition costs include DiSC, costing $195, $295 or $395 depending on version, travel costs from Sydney CBD (NRMA Rates).

Consultant preparation work – optional; can include customer/site visits depending on the nature of the assignment.
Sessions are paid monthly in advance. Please read our terms and conditions particularly with transfers and cancellations.

Principal Consultant – Ron Pollak

Ron’s micro-training clients say that it’s Ron’s range of experience and expertise – in business, as a training and as a coach – make the training valuable, thought provoking and enjoyable. Call us to book your first micro-training session.