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Open and Tailored Courses
Our Location or Your Choice

Duration for tailored courses is dependent on your goals

We have an extensive range of B2B selling courses.  They are delivered by experienced facilitators including Ron Pollak.  Some are delivered as open, publicly listed
Class 1 courses.  All can be tailored for a particular organisation.  And delivered in your choice of location and for each type of event.

Some courses lean better towards a 1, 2 or 3 day curriculum. Some topics are valuable for Conference sessions.  All are practical, well-researched and up to date with the latest thinking in business selling.

Courses you’ll find here are as follows.

Selling 1 – Foundations August 3-5
Selling 2 – Relationship Selling  August  10-11
Sales Leadership Forum – August 19
Selling to Key Accounts August 22-24
Negotiating September 5-6
Sales Team Leadership – Part 1 September 8-9
Accounting for Non-Accountants October 5-6
Selling 3 – Territory & Management  October  13-14
Selling 1 – Foundations October 17-19
Selling to Key Accounts November 6-8
Sales Leadership Forum – November 25
Selling 2 – Relationship Selling December 1-2
Sales Team Leadership – Part 2 December 8-9


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Yes, courses can be tailored.  
Yes, courses can be delivered at your Conference.

Links to Course Outlines below:

Ron SmiliingSales

Selling Foundations
Relationship Selling
Territory & Account Management
Selling to Key Accounts
Sales Team Leadership 2 + 2 Days


Frontline Management – Foundations
Frontline Management – Planning & Leading Teams
Communications – Foundations
Communications – Difficult Conversations
Accounting for Non-Accountants

Andrew 2015

Andrew Pollak

Personal Development

Personal Development
Business Presentations
Customer Service Essentials
Customer Service for Service Technicians
Time Management