DiSC Leadership Styles


DiSC Leadership Styles

DiSC ‘Work of Leaders’ and Leadership 363 give us four primary leadership styles.  Commanding, Energizing, Deliberate and Inclusive.  These tie in neatly with the four primary DiSC styles of Dominant, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientious.  My first question is, “Why introduce four new terms to describe styles that are equally well covered by the four original DiSC terms?  That is Dominant, Influencer, etc”

Then they introduce four further terms for the blended profiles.  Pioneering, Affirming, Humble and Resolute.  Why?

Is it consistent with the basic DiSC model?  No.  Simplicity rules and we have four terms and obvious blends of Di, DC, iS etc.

Do the terms themselves make it easier to appreciate the style?  Maybe two of the four work; Pioneering and Humble. But Affirming and Resolute?  An Affirming leader sounds wish-washy.  A Resolute leader sounds stubborn, even pigheaded.

It’s reasonably easy to find examples of the four primary styles of leader.  But the blended styles are more difficult.

I’m a believer that simplicity makes DiSC so much better than Myers Briggs.  This, because I’m not clever enough to meet someone and assess their profile readily into the more powerful but complex 16 factor model.  However, from a personal insight basis Myers Briggs offers more than DiSC, perhaps too much more.

I’m wedded to the Inscape/Wiley DiSC suite of DiSC profilers and all they can do for individuals in the Workplace, for Sales, for Management and Leaders.  So, this is just a broadcast ‘whinge’ (non-Aussies can replace with the word ‘whine’ but it’s different).

I’d love others’ comments. Particularly if they can share some training/learning insights.