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Civil Engineering Sales Consultant

Civil Engineering Sales Consultant

  • Strong culture – it has a real TEAM feel.
  • Work with customers to solve real problems that affect Melbourne’s landscape.
  • Your efforts are recognised and have a real impact on the company’s performance.

If you have sold technical solutions in the civil engineering, construction that involves design and installation then read on.  You’re going to love working for this business!

Imagine working for a company that says….

(I spent time on site with my client and the State Manager – who the role reports to.)

Externally, we:

  • Solve problems for our customers. If we don’t then all we do is compete on price, and we refuse to do that.  He even told me of a recent example where they provided some advice to a customer that will fix their problem and result in the customer spending $x (where ‘x’ = a lot!) less than originally forecasted.  (Through that advice and their relationship with that customer, they do expect to generate this return on future projects.)
  • Provide a seamless service and solution to our customers. We want to make the buying of our products to be as easy a process.  We have a terrific support team in customer service that work with the salespeople and customer to ensure products are made, delivered and installed on time.
  • Have superior expertise compared to the rest of the market. What we do is provide a technical solution to customers, and no one knows our product better than we do.  So, our Product Managers work with our customers very closely to ensure that they are receiving the right advice and solution.  It comes at no extra cost – it is part of who we are and what we do.

Internally, we:

  • Enjoy being at work. We spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it may as well be enjoyable!  We have staff lunches, staff personal days (without needing to take formal leave), team building sessions and team dinners.  One of our salespeople is so thankful to our internal sales/customer service team that he regularly brings in chocolates and doughnuts!
  • Are a culture that is down to earth. Whilst we think it’s good that every salesperson has an ego, it needs to be channelled and managed the right way.  We are a small team and it is critical that everyone gets along and supports their colleague through the ups and downs of life.
  • Everyone in the business trusts each other.  We all rely on each other for the Victorian Branch to perform, so much so that our bonuses are paid not only on individual performance but team-based too!

I knew all of this was true when I spoke with a salesperson and he confirmed everything that I had heard from Management.  So, take it from me, you will be joining a business that is a market leader and employs people who are more than just employees who collect pay cheques.  People in this business really care about you and the goals & visions that Management have designed.

The Nuts & Bolts of the Role

I bet you would not have thought that this company is in the civil engineering industry?!  They manufacture and import a range of technical products and services for road, land and water projects.    And if you have not already gathered, they don’t need someone who understands their products today, because that can be trained.  You will be responsible for ensuring that the company’s current product range continues to sell to a number of existing and new customers.  Additionally, the company has recently taken on some products as the exclusive Australian distributor which no other company in Australia have anything remotely close to stocking.  So, you will be required to develop and implement a business development strategy across Victoria.


Yes, you will be viewed favourably if you have a civil engineering qualification.   And yes, it is important that you have sold technical, construction products and solutions.  It’s a sales and consultation role, the latter is about building relationships with businesses that may not be the end user, but have an influence on the project.

Apply now!  Role is ready to hire.