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Behaviour Profiling Consulting from $120.

What DISC behaviour profiling does is provide a straightforward and useful framework that helps us understand why we act and communicate the way we do. Knowing one’s own preferred way of working and communicating is really helpful, but it’s only part of the equation.  That’s because, while we know that others we work with are different, we want to be able to understand how they are different.

Why don’t they understand me?

Once we understand the DISC model, as it applies to ourselves, we can use DISC to quickly and effectively, identify and describe how they are different from us.

Finally, with our DISC knowledge, we can adjust the way we communicate with others – perhaps with only a small tweak to what we’d do naturally – to be more effective.

Now, there are a number of DISC Profiling tools.  Each of these produce a comprehensive, personalised report.  All are lengthy.  Many are tailored to different roles, whether you’re:

  • a team member wishing for self-development,
  • a salesperson wishing to differentiate yourself from the competition,
  • a team leader or manager, wishing to build a more productive team environment, or
  • in a senior role.

How we can help

First, we can organise for you to complete your DISC profile.  Just let us know your role and goal.  Second, we can step you through your multi-page report, providing you with answers to your questions as well as further personalising the report with insights that will make you more effective.

This service is provided by Skype or over the phone in a 20 to 40-minute consult.

Here are the costs.


DISC Profile

DISC Profile + Consult







Team Leader/Manager



Senior Manager




Profiling Behaviour with DISC – Explained

DISC new 1

Managing the behaviour of others starts with you.  Hopefully, you agree. All of the research shows that, to be successful as a manager, team-worker, salesperson, you need to have a high level of self-awareness.  Your behaviour is the starting point to learn about others.


We use the DISC behaviour profiling tool to help people who wish to fine-tune the way they work, relate and communicate by making them aware of their own preferred behaviour style, how their style maps to others, and how to adapt to others’ styles to be more effective.

DISC is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million others to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication!  It helps with: management development, communication, stress management, workplace diversity, time management, conflict resolution, team building, sales training, negotiating, personal growth development and education, change management, personality assessment, enhancement of the hiring job interview process, relationship counselling, coaching, and many more diverse applications.

Consider our course – Personal Development

For over ten years now we have advised, coached, included DISC with courses and trained using the DiSC profiling tool.  Call us or email us for advice.

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