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Additional Courses

Choose a topic and we can tailor and blend it for your organisation, in choice of location and depending on providing enough notice, for your choice of trainer. The list includes Communication (Comm), Customer Service (Cus), Personal Development (PD) and Management (MGT)


Active Listening Comm
Anger Management – Understanding Anger Comm
Appreciative Inquiry Comm
Communication Strategies Comm
Conflict Resolution – Dealing With Difficult People Comm
Conflict Resolution – Getting Along In The Workplace Comm
Emotional Intelligence (One Day) Comm
Giving Effective Feedback Comm
Influence and Persuasion Comm
Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming Comm
Managing Difficult Conversations Comm
Negotiating for Results Comm
NLP Tools for Real Life Comm
Customer Service Training – Critical Elements of Customer Service Cus
Customer Service Training – Managing Customer Service Cus
Advanced Writing Skills PD
Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills PD
Business Writing That Works PD
Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public PD
Facilitation Skills PD
Getting Stuff Done – Personal Development Boot Camp PD
Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance PD
Networking for Success PD
Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School PD
Public Speaking – Speaking Under Pressure PD
Self-Leadership PD
Stress Management PD
Time Management – Get Organized for Peak Performance PD
Writing a Business Plan PD
Writing Reports and Proposals PD
Advanced Project Management PM
Effective Planning and Scheduling PM
Intermediate Project Management PM
Project Management Fundamentals PM
Project Management Training – Understanding Project Management PM
Change Management – Change and How to Deal With It Mgt
Accounting Skills for New Supervisors Mgt
Balanced Scorecard Basics Mgt
Building Better Teams Mgt
Bullying in the Workplace Mgt
Business Leadership – Becoming Management Material Mgt
Business Process Management Mgt
Business Succession Planning – Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan Mgt
Coaching and Mentoring Mgt
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews Mgt
Creating a Top-Notch Talent Management Program Mgt
Creative Thinking and Innovation Mgt
Crisis Management Mgt
Critical Thinking Mgt
Delegation – The Art Of Delegating Effectively Mgt
Employee Accountability Mgt
Employee Dispute Resolution – Mediation through Peer Review Mgt
Goal Setting Mgt
High Reliability Organizations Mgt
Hiring for Success – Behavioral Interviewing Techniques Mgt
Intrapreneurship Mgt
Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Mgt
Mastering the Interview Mgt
Meeting Management – The Art of Making Meetings Work Mgt
Motivation Training – Motivating Your Workforce Mgt
Onboarding – The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program Mgt
Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance Mgt
Problem Solving & Decision Making Mgt
Process Improvement with Gap Analysis Mgt
Risk Management Mgt
Safety in the Workplace Mgt
Strategic Planning Mgt
Team Building – Developing High Performance Teams Mgt
The ABCs of Supervising Others Mgt
The Minute Taker’s Workshop Mgt
The Professional Supervisor Mgt
Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene Mgt
Workplace Harassment – What It is and What to Do About It Mgt